We hold a comprehensive range of high quality car batteries in stock within our Cupar garage and can provide different solutions for different budgets.

Car Battery Testing & Replacement

How a vehicle battery works

The battery provides power to the starter motor, which starts the engine, when you turn the key to start your car. The spark plugs receive power from the battery at the same time to ignite the compressed fuel and air mixture inside the engine’s combustion cylinders.

The alternator, which provides the majority of the electrical current to your car’s electrical systems and keeps your battery fully charged, then steps in to replace the battery power depleted during the starting up process.

The amount of labour a battery performs and the environment it must operate in generally have an impact on the battery’s strength or cranking amperage. Additionally, the battery in your car is under increasing stress due to the development of in-car technology like air conditioning, digital music players, satellite navigation systems, and other electronic devices. All of these put more stress on the battery and charging mechanism in your automobile, increasing the risk of an early battery failure. As a result, more frequent examinations and servicing are advised to keep your automobile battery operating at its best.

An early battery failure that could cause a vehicle breakdown or MOT failure can be identified and prevented with regular battery checkups.

Car Batteries at A2B Autocentre

A2B Autocentre offers a complete auto battery replacement service if you need a new one and can get rid of your old one for you.

It’s crucial that you frequently check your car battery because it powers all of your car’s electrical systems and is the only thing that can start your automobile. One of the leading causes of breakdown calls in the UK are dead batteries, especially on chilly mornings and after extended periods of inactivity. However, you won’t really realise something is wrong until your car won’t start.

Don’t wait until your car won’t start if you have any concerns about the age or charging capacity of your car battery. Instead, call us today and we’ll perform a free inspection.